Just What do you need to be aware of about AI, Chatbots and other technology?

Artificial Intelligence



Two types to avoid confusion, There are two kinds of chatbots. The first one is called"traditional" bot "traditional" bot and works according to preprogrammed guidelines. So if a question is put to this chatbot that isn't preprogrammed.

There are two kinds

To avoid confusion To avoid confusion, there are two kinds of chatbots. The first is known as the "traditional" bot, and operates following pre-programmed rules. The chatbot isn't able to respond to questions that aren't preprogrammed. The other kind of chatbot is learning, intelligent chatbots that are built on Chatbot or Machine Learning. The potential and strength of this second kind of chatbots is growing all the time.

The human touch

Chatting with a bot is not suitable for all. Chatbots are being debated about whether they can replace human touch. Chatbots can be interesting subjects to discuss within the context of the "Turing test". This test shows that a machine such as a chatbot can mimic human intelligence. Do chatbots are heading in that direction?

There is no definitive answer to this question for moment. There are functions that could bring AI Chatbots closer the human touch in customer service, particularly when they are combined with AI and machine learning. These three aspects demonstrate how chatbots can improve customer relations:

Speed and the standard questions

Service representatives for customers spend a lot of their time answering questions of a basic nature. Chatbots are ideally suited for taking over these tasks. At ING they have made it possible to provide customers with help immediately if something goes wrong with their bank card in a foreign country. It takes longer to get help from the helpdesk. When chatbots are used in customer service, the department is able to deal with complex problems or queries. This means they can pay more attention to human interaction when it is needed.





Sometimes you would prefer someone from your service desk to be sitting next to you at all times while you're performing a complicated activity for the company. This is achievable through Artificial Intelligence Chatbot. For instance the chatbot from Eneco assists customers in submitting their meter readings. On the same screen, users can submit their readings and get answers to their questions about the readings. This makes complicated assignments much easier.

Recognition of moods and the measurement of the language

While the technology is in its early stages and machine learning and AI is helping chatbots detect language and understand people's moods and moods, it is now becoming popular. The technology for this is already in use on a large scale. This technology is accessible to all developers, permitting their software to access services provided by bigger players like Google and Microsoft. In this way, these developing technologies are already being integrated. The human touch is gradually becoming possible.

Software "talking"

Chatbots may also give an element of human interaction when no human beings are present. Chatbots are able to engage in a conversation with software. This can be very useful when a user needs assistance and wants to directly ask the system a question. It's simpler to get help and guidance when installing new systems rather instead of navigating through the help menu. This is particularly beneficial for less frequent users.

In essence, chatbots are more than a glorified answering machine, especially when used in conjunction with AI or machine learning. This technology gives you more options. It is better to not think in extremes when discussing chatbots. If chatbots aren't able to answer your query then you can speak to human service desk staff. It's not a matter of either/or, but of working in tandem. Chatbots can improve customer service by allowing human beings and machines to coexist.

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