Just What Is Actually The Most Convenient Task in LOL?

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    League of Legends is a versatile game that is a lot of fun. There are more than a hundred champions to play with and in various roles. A lot of champions can be utilized in multiple roles, for example, as jungler, mid-laner, or even support. For example, Diana has been played as a mid-laner, as well as a jungler. A few summoners have also tried Ahri being used as a support although she's primarily a mage assassin for mid-lane.


    There's so many options within the game that it's important to know which role is the easiest to perform.


    Let's start with the support. This is the most straightforward champion to choose? You don't have to try and take a lot of kills. You may also find that your adversaries are less likely to focus on you during team battles. You don't need to be concerned about a high creep score. It appears that playing support is simple.

    What's wrong?

    It requires skill and tact to be a successful support. It is important to position yourself so that the AD-carry remains secure, has a good creep score, and also has some kills during playing. While doing this, you need to be alert for any opponents who can be a threat to the AD-carry. You have to harass them constantly to stay at the top of the game during the laning stage. Even in team fights everyone in the team relies on their support in launching the team fight the right way. So playing support is not the easiest role to play. Everyone should be aware of When the LoL Season 11 Starts?

    AD Carry (ADC).

    The winner of the game is the one with the strongest AD-carry. An AD-carry that is strong and well-fed is able to quickly take down structures like Turrets or even inhibitors. The AD-carry can also help in team battles by swiftly eliminating the damage dealers of the opposing team, and also by knocking down tanks. Vayne, for example, does real damage with every third base attack and is great at flogging tanks in team fights.





    All this responsibility on the AD-carry is the difficulty one must face while playing with the AD-carry. It requires skill and the right approach to maintain a good creep score, get kills, and stay away from danger because enemy assassins are watching you. Therefore, playing ADC isn't an easy game to play in League of Legends either.

    Mid Laner

    The mid-lane is yours however, it does come with problems. You can be ganked on both sides of the lanes. It is important to maintain a ward. You have to be there to help take the dragon when the bot-lane requires help and also to take the Rift Herald if the top-laner asks for assistance. The jungler is likely to require you to be there to help him if he becomes stuck. Sometimes the top-lane enemy or the bot-lane enemy be astonished by a gank in the middle of the lane. When the LOL season 11 starts? You can find the updated answer on handleveled.net.

    In addition you should be able to score a good creep score, and you must try to kill the enemy ADC as many times as possible. If you get behind in mid-laneplay, the opponent mid-laner will snowball and destroy your bot-lane and put into the top-lane and jungler. The mid-lane position isn't the easiest to play in League of Legends.


    According to certain people studies, the Jungler is among the most difficult job. The jungle is less populated with creatures than lanes. You are always playing in the dark because the enemy jungler is just across the street and attack you at any moment. Furthermore, every lane in your team that is a bit behind your opponent's team will instantly call you to assist. The top-laner and mid-laner will be requesting ganks at stage 3 once the game begins.

    If the team is trying to take the Dragon or the Baron, everyone is watching the jungler who is smiting at the last moment to make sure the enemy team is not able to take over the goal. It is difficult to play jungler. It's true. But, the jungle can be very fun to be in, especially when you have these top off-meta jungle picks!

    Top Laner

    The top-laner should be well-fed, or at the very most have a good CS during mid- to late-game. The top-laner can be described as fighter, tank, or both. He is the one who initiates fights with teammates and shields ADC from being hounded. A strong, well-fed top-laner will ensure victory in team fights.

    In most games it is the case that the jungler of the opposing team will be targeting the top-laner. It isn't possible to go too far ahead in the lane without risking yourself to the possibility of a gank. Keep an watch at the Rift Herald as well. And help the mid-laner if required. Therefore, playing in the top lane poses challenges.


    With a online game as diverse as League of Legends, with hundreds of champions to play with and literally thousands of possible combinations to choose from it's hard to say for sure which is the most straightforward role to play in League of Legends. Every role has its own rewards and difficulties. What's easier for one player might be very difficult for another.


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